The Lads CDs

During 2006 the Lads made their first CD; copies of which can be obtained from the Secretary at the bargain price of £5.
1.  Chatta Nooga Choo Choo  
2.  I Believe                            
3.  True Love Ways              
4.  Sunny Afternoon            
5.  Only You                         
6.  World in Union                           
7.  We're your Friends          
8.  Daydream Believer                                      
9.  Nkosi Sikeleli and The Lion Sleeps Tonight  
10.  One Voice                               
11.  Cousin Jack                                        
12.  There is Nothing Like a Dame              

Track List

A second recording has been made at Livewire, Saltash on 29th March 2009; this was for a film about the River Tamar and it's fishermen.

Track List
1.  Down to the River to Pray
2.  Eternal Father Strong to save
3.  The Rhythm of Life
4.  Cousin Jack

A third CD has been made at Ashtorre, Saltash on 28th January 2010. This was also for the River Tamar film but tweaked two of the songs.  Down to the River to Pray was speeded up, the balance of Country Jack was altered and an additional track, Zippedy Doo Dah, was added. 

It was recorded by Richard Fry whose expert skills enabled more flexibility and balance between instrument and voices.

The film entitled "Tamar - A Glittering Continuity" was previewed at Ashtorre Rock Community Centre on October 15th 2011 to great acclaim.