Concerts and Projects



Currently the Lads are rehearing 3 pieces for the sound track of a film about the Fisherman of the Tamar.  The pieces are: Eternal Father Strong to Save, Down to the River to Pray and Cousin Jack.  The recording will be at Livewire; a local studio on the waterfront of Saltash. 

Project Update:  This project was completed on 28th March 2009 when the lads recorded the CD at Livewire.  The Rhythm of Life was added to the CD for our own delectation.

Contact Paul (01752) 845997

The Lads can be seen on YouTube singing "Cousin Jack" written by Show of Hands.  It is accompanied by photos of them in various locations.  Just click the heading immediately above.
The Lads final goodbye concert will be at Ashtorre on Thursday March 3rd at 7:30pm.  This concert will combine the Lads final concert with the celebratory 25th Anniversary of Ashtorre.